Friday, December 19, 2014

How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters - NOW AVAILABLE!

Now Available for just $2.99 on Amazon Kindle!

"I’ve known Brett for a number of years. He's a top-notch journalist, and this book is full of fine practical advice."
~James Reasoner, author of the best-selling American Civil War Battle Series. 

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More than a decade in the making, How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters is by Brett Weiss, who has authored seven books and has had hundreds of articles published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. A full-time freelancer, Weiss has been prolific on the web as well, writing for numerous markets. As Weiss will show you in this book, hard-working writers should get published frequently, and one of the most important aspects of this is to learn to craft a well-written query letter.

In addition to 50 real query letters that led to published articles and books (and in one case, a freelance writing job), How to Get Published: 50 SuccessfulQuery Letters includes tips on writing query letters, along with articles about and advice on writing in general. Whether you’re an aspiring writer longing to get published or you’re a veteran of the wordsmith wars, you’ll benefit from the behind-the-scenes information this book has to offer.

*An introduction with tips on writing successful query letters

*50 successful query letters written by Weiss, who makes his living as an author and journalist

*An essay on how Weiss “broke through” to become a successful writer

* “Anatomy of a Near Nervous Breakdown,” in which Weiss reveals how his writing career almost came to a crashing halt

* “How to Get Published,” which offers practical advice on the writing life

* “How Writing Can Supplement Your Income,” an article on how to write for publication while keeping your day job

* “Writers in Movies,” a fun feature on film versions of famous writers

* “The History of Typewriters,” in which Weiss details the origins of that most wondrous of writing tools

* An interview with James Reasoner, author of more than 300 books

*An interview with Brett Weiss, conducted by Chris Cavanaugh of Classic Gamer Magazine

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