Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Arcade and Other Strange Tales - SIGNED COPIES NOW AVAILABLE

My new book, The Arcade and Other Strange Tales, is now available. For a limited time, buy a copy direct from me and I will immediately send you a digital copy (PDF) for FREE! Plus, I will autograph the book and offer discounted U.S. shipping at just $2 (for a total of $11.95). Send $11.95 PayPal to brettw105[at], and I will send you a signed physical copy and a digital copy. (Be sure and use the @ symbol instead of [a]). Thanks!

You can read the first few pages on Amazon by clicking HERE.

The Arcade and Other Strange Tales takes readers down a rabbit hole of fear, wonder and imagination. From the nostalgic "The Arcade" to the Orwellian “Filtered Future” and “What Do They Do While We Sleep?” to the deadly dark “Strange Children” and “Wormboy,” this book will keep anyone with a taste for "stranger things" reading late into the night (and the next night and the next).

The book has two reviews on Amazon so far:

"This collection of tales is a diverse, rich treasure trove for fans of dark fiction. Whether your taste is for sci-fi, fantasy, or horror, Weiss has something here for you. He engages each of these areas with originality and a marked intellectual approach. Fans of all three genres will devour this volume with sheer delight. And these stories are far above mere escapist mind candy--Weiss explores philosophical and existential themes without his material coming across as contrived or pretentious. These tales have something substantive to say and do more than just entertain--they also provoke thoughtful reflection.

"Stylistically, Weiss combines elements reminiscent of Poe, Lovecraft, Bradbury, Asimov, and Shelley--names I don't drop lightly. With memorable characters, authentic dialogue, optimal pacing, and plot twists that surprise while avoiding the deus ex machina pitfall, this collection of short stories is well worth your time. Highly recommended." - Jeremy H.

"Quirky, eclectic, thought-provoking collection of short fiction stories and several non-fiction entries related to video games and writing. Brett Weiss' tales are reminiscent of Vonnegut, Ellison and other masters of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. His brief introduction to each tale allows the reader insight into his inspirations. The non-fiction articles were right up my alley as a child of the 70s and 80s who watched the beginnings of the video game craze. Several of the tales were top-notch, but a couple left me not quite satisfied, hence the 4 star rating." - LAR

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