Friday, October 26, 2018

The SNES Omnibus Writer Spotlight #34 - Christopher Pico

When I sent out the call for contributors to the SNES Omnibus project, Christopher Pico enthusiastically hopped on board. He loved the idea of writing about his favorite console, the Super Nintendo. His stories in both volumes show that he knows his stuff. Not only is Christopher involved with the project on a creative end, he’s helped promote it by hosting a book giveaway and creating a review for his Old Ass Retro Gamer YouTube channel. He reviewed my Sega Genesis book as well. Chris is also an expert on movies, and it’s fun to read his Facebook posts about film. I hope to hang out with Chris at a video game convention soon. He’s a cool cat. Thanks, Chris!

Christopher “The Old Ass Retro Gamer” Pico is a filmmaker and has been a die-hard gamer since his parents purchased an Atari2600 when he was a child. When he lost his job of 11 years in 2011, he was forced to sell his video game collection, which he had been amassing since the late ’90s, to pay the bills. When he returned to the hobby in 2013, he created The Old Ass Retro Gamer YouTube vlog to document his quest to reclaim his collection. He counts the Super Nintendo as his favorite console of all time, followed by the Sega Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2.

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