Sunday, July 12, 2020

The NES Omnibus Vol. 1 (A-L) Pre-Orders Now on Indiegogo!

I'm now taking pre-orders for The NES Omnibus Volume 1 (A-L) on Indiegogo. By backing the project, you will help me keep doing what I do: write about and preserve video game history in an entertaining and colorful fashion. Plus, you’ll receive various backer perks, including books, bookmarks, buttons, stickers, YouTube promos, and digital items (depending on the tier selected). Thanks for your support!

Here are some quotes about this book and my work in general from various noteworthy gamers:

"LOVE your work, and I'm a big supporter." - Tommy Tallarico, video game music composer, President of Intellivision Productions

"Brett Weiss proves once again that he is the master of game directories." - Leonard Herman, author of Phoenix IV: The History of the Videogame Industry

"This book covering the Nintendo Entertainment System is big, bad, bold, and absolutely brilliant. With amazing sources, a dedication to depth and clarity, and an insistence for completeness, this is easily the best book on the NES to date." - Patrick Hickey Jr., author of The Minds Behind the Games

"Brett's NES Omnibus is a must-have for anyone who enjoys this rich part of the video game industry. The comprehensive nature of the book is complemented by his great presentation style. If you haven't played these games, after reading this, you'll feel like you have." - David Warhol, game composer, sound designer, and programmer

"After bringing us The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Brett Weiss repeats the magic with its page-turning companion volume The NES Omnibus: The Nintendo Entertainment System and its Games. With its comprehensive coverage of Nintendo's classic 8-bit console featuring retrospective stories, game reviews, and screenshots galore, this handsome coffee table book is sure to win countless old school gamers' hearts, and inspire plenty of younger fans who missed the NES train the first time around.- Shane Stein, Executive Producer of The Game Chasers Movie

*Here are some advance pages from The NES Omnibus. You can click on them for a closer look, but they will appear much bigger and clearer when you are actually holding the book in your hands.