Friday, July 13, 2007

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Scott Westerfeld

My dad’s second cousin is fellow Texan (make that former Texan) Scott Westerfeld, author of such popular young adult novels as the Midnighters trilogy and the Uglies trilogy. I knew he had hit the big time when I was at my kids’ book fair at their school and saw some of his books for sale under the Scholastic banner. Although marketed to young adults, his books are good reading for science fiction fans of all ages. For further info, check out his always interesting blog: Westerblog

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Westerfeld's two-book science fiction epic, The Risen Empire, was just shy of spectacular and certainly left a bunch of New Space Opera fans like myself anxiously awaiting his next production. Unfortunately (for us, anyway), the author found a more lucrative niche in Young Adult genre fiction. I hope someday he'll go back to hardcore science fiction for adults.

... Reed