Monday, October 29, 2007

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The Flash -- Terminal Velocity.

"Terminal Velocity" was the peak of Mark Waid's critically acclaimed run (so to speak) chronicling the adventures of The Fastest Man Alive. The storyline originally ran in Flash #0 and #s 95-100, but is readily available in trade paperback via Amazon. (Waid has recently returned to writing Flash, but the last couple of issues have been disappointing to say the least).

I reviewed "Terminal Velocity" in issue #1600 of Comics Buyer's Guide, where writers were asked to come up with "1600 Comic Books You Need to Read." It was hard summing up such a story within the limited word count provided (concision is the rule of the day with these types of assignments), but here's what I wrote about this epic tale of action, adventure, intrigue, and romance:

By introducing the Speed Force in the highly energized "Terminal Velocity" storyline, Mark Waid gave an exciting, open-ended explanation for the existence of most of the super-speed characters within the DC Universe. Suddenly, Kid Flash's origin didn't seem to be such a ridiculous coincidence. "TV," which saw the further maturation of the series' title character, also served to cement one of the best, most fully realized romantic relationships in the history of super-hero comics: Wally West and Linda Park.

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