Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Atari Age

If you are a classic gamer who spends a lot of time on the Internet, you’ve probably heard of AtariAge, the stunningly comprehensive website that documents games for the Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800, as well as the Lynx and the Jaguar. The massive project contains box scans, game instructions, forums, screenshots, and much more.

The site got its name from Atari Age magazine, which debuted in black-and-white in 1981 and went full color in 1982 (the last year the periodical was published). The mag was a blatant promotional tool (much like Nintendo Power today), but it holds fond memories for those of us who were gaming during the Golden Age of the Atari 2600. Copies of Atari Age are hard to find in today’s collector’s market, but retro enthusiasts wanting to check it out can read all 13 issues online.

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Anonymous said...

I've had AtariAge bookmarked for years and used to use it a lot to look up manuals for writing reviews, but I never noticed or knew anything about the Atari Age magazine, so thanks for pointing it out! I'll have to take a look at them