Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recently reviewed on...!

A new review of my book popped up on Amazon today that I would like to pass along. It was written by an attorney based in Spokane, WA, and I was pleased that he enjoyed the book. Here's a portion of what he wrote:

I recently received my copy of Classic Home Video Games. GREAT JOB!

This book is highly professional and, as such, extremely useful. The caliber of this book is along the lines of legal reference books. Frankly, I never expected to see this degree of organization and editorial discipline in this particular arena.

This contribution to the chronicling of the classic video games will be
priceless to collectors for generations to come. This book is the benchmark and basically defines the niche.

Please be aware that this is a serious reference work. It is not a "coffee table" picture book. Also, as with any type of review, there is a certain amount of subjectivity involved, however, the author provides useful, relatively unbiased information considering there were undoubtedly page limits that had to be adhered to.

I have a large library of collectible-type books spanning an eclectic variety of subjects, and this is one of the best such books that I have. If you look upon yourself as a video game collector or enthusiast, this is a MUST HAVE.

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