Monday, April 28, 2008

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Mario Kart Wii!

We may be late to LOST, but we're up to speed (so to speak) on the Wii, specifically Mario Kart Wii, the latest in Nintendo's popular go-cart series. The game adds the following elements to the already fun formula:
*New characters: Baby Peach, Funky Kong, Rosalina, Dry Bowser, and Baby Daisy
*Pictures of Mii people on various backgrounds
*An enclosed steering wheel
*Motorcycles to race
*New items (including POW blocks, which shake the ground)
*16 new tracks (plus 16 remade tracks from previous installments)
*Up to twelve racers
*Online capabilities
*And much more

Ryan, who bought the game with some Christmas (!) money he had left over, tries out the steering wheel, which he says works great (a viewpoint I agree with).

Mario in action.

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