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Entertainment Weekly! (click on the images for a better look)

The June 27/July 4 Special Double Issue of Entertainment Weekly lists their opinion of the best 50 video/computer games of the last 25 years. Without breaking it down game by game, here are a few observations I made about the list:

*There are five Super NES titles (including three in the top 10), but no Sega Genesis games
*One of those SNES titles is Street Fighter II, but they probably (or should have) meant Street Fighter II Turbo
*There are only three games from the 1980s (Tetris, SimCity, and Contra)
*There are two NES games on the list (Contra and Tecmo Super Bowl)
*Guitar Hero ranks #5--great, revolutionary game, but it's ultra-high ranking is partly based on current popularity
*God of War (PS2), a game I'm thoroughly enjoying right now, is ranked #26
*Resident Evil 4, one of my favorite modern titles, is #14
*Not a single game from an obscure platform made the list--Soul Caliber for the relatively unsuccessful Dreamcast did make the cut, though, at #27
*It appears to be an American list, though Final Fantasy III for the Famicom (the Japanese NES) made the cut at #29
*Notable games that didn't make the list: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 (Super Mario World made the cut, which probably explains why the other 2D Mario platformers aren't on the list), The Legend of Zelda (though Ocarina of Time is #2), Castlevania III (though Symphony of the Night is #32), Super Mario 64 (though Mario Galaxy is #12)

Later in the issue, in the section called "The 25 Innovations that Changed Entertainment," the PlayStation2 was listed as #14 and Nintendo's original Game Boy came in at #20 (the DVD player was #1)

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