Friday, November 20, 2009

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Comics Buyer's Guide #1661, where I review:

Gotham City Sirens #1
DC Comics
$2.99, color, 32 pgs.
Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Guillem March
Grade: 3.5 Stars (Out of 4)

Written by Harley Quinn creator Paul Dini, Gotham City Sirens stars Batman’s three sexiest enemies: Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Cat Woman. Issue #1 finds the enigmatic Cat Woman rescuing a pair of innocents from a skull-faced super-villain named Boneblaster (his sonic pulse gloves can splinter bone), with Ivy stepping in to lend a helping vine. The titular trio moves in together—a great concept for a monthly series—first with a mesmerized Eddie Nigma, and then on their own.

Harley, Ivy, and Cat Woman have distinct, well-defined personalities. Instead of telling readers this, like a lesser writer might do, Dini shows readers this through the characters’ actions (Ivy seems at once majestic, na├»ve, and sinister regarding her love for plants, for example). In addition, there are fun moments galore, including comical appearances by Zatanna (in which Ivy shows just how formidable a foe she can be) and a shady real estate agent known as The Broker (who finds hideouts for super-villains).

Pretty, pleasant, eye-pleasing art by Guillem March (Joker’s Asylum: Poison Ivy) seals the deal.

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