Monday, August 29, 2016

New Cover for Encyclopedia of KISS

I finally convinced my publisher to put a new, more KISS-like cover on my Encyclopedia of KISS, with a Gene Simmons-like silhouette and colors inspired by the cover to Destroyer.
(Scroll down to see the original, more generic cover.)

You can order the book with the new cover ON AMAZON.

Encyclopedia of KISS: Music, Personnel, Events and Related subjects is loaded down with everything you ever wanted to know about KISS, including albums, tours, songs, TV and movie appearances, makeup and non-makeup eras, family members and girlfriends, solo work, influences on the band, replacement members, studio musicians, road crew, books, magazines, comics, toys, video games, merchandise, obscurities, and much more, including photos, bios on each member past and present and a history of the band. Everything is in alphabetical order for your convenience. This is a fun read and comprehensive reference for KISS fans, writers, researchers, trivia mavens, and music buffs. More than 150,000 words.

Here's what the experts are saying about Encyclopedia of KISS:

*I keep it near my favorite chair in the family room and pop it open quite a's a fun book I think fans will's chock-full of great information...great job on the research.
~Mark Cicchini, co-host of 3 Sides of the Coin podcast

*Pretty good unofficial KISS book...a good read for KISS fans.
~Bill Starkey, co-founder of the KISS Army

*A great book...a fun read...definitely a different kind of book.
~Michael Brandvold, co-host of 3 Sides of the Coin podcast.

*Terrific read...incredibly well-written and thorough in its examination of All Things KISS...Author Brett Weiss has been exhaustive in his research...A great book.
~Ross Berg, author of Gene Simmons: A Rock 'N Roll Journey in the Shadow of the Holocaust


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