Thursday, May 17, 2018

SNES Omnibus Writer Spotlight #25 - Zoe Howard

*Amendment to this write-up. I have now hung out with Zoe (and Wanda) at two gaming conventions, and she's super cool, as I expected. She even watched my table a few times so I could take breaks. Thanks, Zoe!

I have yet to meet Zoe Howard in person, but I feel like I know her fairly well, based on the “conversations” we’ve had online, and on the personal stories she submitted to both volumes of the SNES Omnibus. Zoe rented a bunch of SNES titles while she was growing up, and those experiences of her family bonding and laughing while playing the games were perfect for inclusion in the books. Zoe is a fine writer and a super cool person (or so she’s lead me to believe--LOL), and I’m really looking forward to meeting her for real at the Game On Expo in Phoenix this August.

Zoe K. Howard, author of November’s End, is a freelance writer and accomplished video game critic. Zoe has been an avid gamer since the early ’80s, immersing herself in both the culture and community of video gaming. In 2012, Zoe and her partner Wanda Calamia began the YouTube show, The Retro Gamer Girls, where they celebrate their love for classic gaming. The duo quickly became advocates for equality and supported anti-bullying campaigns amongst gamers.  In 2014, Zoe and Wanda were awarded with a Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Card, representing women in gaming. Zoe is the creator and founder of Retro is Life, a gaming hive and review website that creates a platform for gamers to explore and experience current games and trends, all while maintaining the preservation of the games we loved as kids and revere into adulthood.

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