Monday, April 22, 2019

Kids Say The Darndest Things About Video Games - Fortnite, Mario, and Mr. Do!

Funny Easter story about my five-year-old great nephew Cooper (pictured here with my niece Emily, his mom). He asked me about my favorite video game. I told him what I tell everyone: "Mr. Do!" After giving me a funny look, he told me his favorite was "Fortnite."

Then he ask me how many games I know about. I told him thousands and said, "Did you know I write books about video games?" He asked if he could see them, so I showed him my Super Nintendo book that my mom keeps in the living room. He said, "Oh, I've read that." He then opened the book to the "M" section and showed me how far he had gotten in the book: almost to the end. (My mom told me later that he had sat in a chair with the book in his lap one afternoon going through it page by page.)

Then Cooper asked if I had written any other books with pictures. I showed him my"100 Greatest" book that covers 1977 to 1987. He flipped through it and asked me about several of the games since he didn't recognize them. I then turned to the "Super Mario Bros." chapter with the pixelated image of Mario. He said, "Oh, there's the 'Minecraft' Mario."

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