Saturday, September 3, 2022

Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story - Signed Blu-rays For Sale! - Brett Weiss


Thanks to everyone who has ordered a signed (by me) copy of Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story! The response has been overwhelming (in a good way), so I'm really excited. I was able to put in a big order from the publisher, so I've got more copies for sale. If you are interested in a signed copy of the Blu-ray (I will remove the shrink wrap and sign the inner sleeve), please PayPal $30 to This includes U.S. shipping. *****Send $40 for Canada orders or $50 for the UK.

Here's the official description of the 5-part documentary: "How did Nintendo go from niche playing card company to global juggernaut of gaming? This Crackle Original series brings together the creators of Video Games: The Movie and Executive Producer Sean Astin to pull back the curtain on the famously secretive company. The electrifying story is presented by an ensemble of Nintendo personnel, celebrity icons and industry veterans, including Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Alison Haislip (Robot Chicken), Reggie Fils-Aimé (Nintendo Direct) and Xbox’s Phil Spencer."

I'm in all five episodes, and you'll see such gaming luminaries as Nolan Bushnell, Tom Kalinske, Chris Kohler, and Phoenix author Leonard Herman in the documentary as well. The audio/visual quality for the Blu-ray is AMAZING, and it's loaded with special features. 5-hour series, plus extras!

***Here are some Amazon reviews:

*I LOVE this docuseries!!! I had no idea the story of Nintendo—this was so fun! This gave so many nostalgic moments for me! Very, very, well done!!! Can’t wait to see the behind the scenes and extra footage! ~ Casey Danner

*Wow! I wasn't expecting to get teary-eyed at a video game documentary but this got me!! Lots of great, surprising facts about the history of Nintendo mixed with emotion, nostalgia, and fun. Took me back to my NES and SNES days in the 80's and 90's. My wife and kids dug it as well. Highly, highly recommend this for anyone who's ever played a Nintendo!! ~ Amazon Customer

*It's a great series! What I really like about it was that the story goes way deeper than Mario or anything you think about when you hear the word "Nintendo." The company has a long and deep history and this series showcases it perfectly! Highly recommend that you take the time to watch it. ~ Craig Shetterly

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