Thursday, January 24, 2008

GameCulture Journal #4 Now Available!

The new issue of GameCulture Journal, which is a free, PDF file format video game magazine, is now available. Much to my delight, it includes a review of my book.

The review was written by pop culture critic John Kenneth Muir, author of Horror Films of the 1970s, The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Films and Television, and many other books.

Here's a sampling of quotes from Mr. Muir's review of Classic Home Video Games 1972-1984:

"Weiss's deep familiarity with his chosen subject matter is an asset of the text, and as a writer he conveys information clearly and without pretension"

"Weiss's reviews of obscure games make the book a treasure"

"impressive and fun book"

"the breadth of coverage here is astounding"

"a fun read and a nostalgic trip supreme"

"undeniably smart, historically valuable and wide-ranging in coverage"

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J@mbA said...

Great news. Congratulations.