Monday, January 14, 2013

Texas State Trading Card Premiere

Schedule for the Texas State Trading Card Premiere:

11:30-12:15 event registration and set-up
12:30-4:00 contests, competitions, informal discussions, hanging out
4:30-5:30 Awards Ceremony honoring the day's winners and special guests that are there
5:30-6:15 - Panel discussion on some interesting topic about classic gaming
6:15-7:00 autographs etc...

Competition machines have been announced.

3 machines will be set up. This will be a modified "That's Incredible!" rule set.
One at a time, a person will step up to the start line, and when given the signal, the person arrives at game 1. The contestant's job is to get the designated score on game 1, then move onto to game 2, with the same task, and then the same on game 3. The fastest time of completion will win.

The games included are:

Pac Man

This historic event, featuring the retirement of Walter Day, will be at PINBALLZ ARCADE in Austin, Jan. 19.

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