Sunday, April 24, 2016

Captain Cartridge Reviews the Video Games - My Failed Book Attempt from the Mid-1990s

During the mid-1990s, after I failed to get the Fort Worth Star-Telegram interested in a weekly or monthly column about video games, I worked up a proposal for a prospective book called "Captain Cartridge Reviews the  Video Games." It was to be a -type book, but, obviously, covering video games instead of movies. The book was to cover the current systems of the time, such as the  and . Probably the  as well.

I wrote up a pitch and a few sample pages, some of which you can read below. Unfortunately (or fortunately, considering these are pretty bad), I couldn't get a publisher interested in the project, despite a number of attempts. I was working at Waldenbooks at the time, and it pre-dates my work for the All Game Guide.

I'm not sure why I didn't go ahead and self-publish the book--probably because self-publishing in the pre-Amazon world was more expensive and more difficult. Anyway, if you want to see one of my baby steps to getting a book published, check out this crude, early attempt.



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