Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady -- Funny or Not?

I'm a Star Wars
 fan with a sense of humor. Not only do I enjoy the films, I like the parodies of and comedies about the franchise as well, including the first and best, Hardware Wars. I also like Spaceballs, Fanboys, The Family Guy Trilogy and others. However, I didn't laugh once or even smile during the latest YouTube video to go viral, the laughing Chewbacca lady. I found it annoying, shrill, and obvious. Maybe my soul is dead, but I didn't get the appeal. Your mileage may differ. Did you find it funny or not? Please leave a message in the comments on your opinions of this popular video. Thanks! 


Unknown said...

I found it not bust a gut funny, but it was funny. She seemed like a pretty positive person and she has a great laugh. I really like that mask too!

Anonymous said...

Not funny. So much so that I googled "Chewbacca mask not funny" and found your post. I'm perplexed by the popularity. The funniest part is how unfunny it is.

Anonymous said...

I could understand this video getting a few views but being the most viral video to date! ?? Is this a star wars merchandise/Kohls conspiracy?