Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Sega Genesis Book Now in Softcover -- GET YOUR SIGNED COPY!

Hey everyone, the softcover version of my book containing descriptions/reviews of EVERY U.S. release for the Sega Genesis has finally been released, and I have copies in stock, so I can mail them directly to you. The cover date in the title of Classic Home Video Games: 1989-1990 refers to console releases, meaning the book also includes EVERY U.S. release for the Neo Geo and TurboGrafx-16. The appendix includes the Game Boy and Atari Lynx.

The book is $25. Media rate shipping and handling is $5, so your total would be $30. PayPal only. I will autograph and personalize it if you like at no extra charge. Send me an email at if you are interested. Thanks!

You can find links to several pages of Classic Home Video Games 1989-1990: A Complete Guide to Sega Genesis, Neo Geo and Turbografx-16 Games HERE.

Watch RGT 85 review the book:

Watch Gamester81 page through the hardcover version of the book:

What critics have said about Classic Home Video Games 1989-1990:

"If you are a collector of Genesis, Neo Geo or TurboGrafx-16 games, I would wholeheartedly recommend this 300+ page tome not only as a worthy guide, but also as a great extra addition to your library of games-related reading material." --

"High quality...a really cool guide book...a great collector's should pick it up." --John "Gamester81" Lester

"Awesome...I really, really like this book, it is fantastic...ridiculously impressive piece of work." -- The Old Ass Retro Gamer

"An excellent book for game historians and newcomers to these consoles to have on their shelves...very intuitive and user-friendly" -- Sega 16

"Well written...well researched and well detailed" -- Yourwolfsdengaming

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