Thursday, August 3, 2017

Writers Wanted for Super Nintendo Book

The manuscript for Vol. 1 of my Super Nintendo book has been sent to the publisher. The book will be published sometime next year, hopefully spring.
I'm now accepting more submission for Vol. 2, which will feature all the SNES titles beginning with N-Z. If you are interested, please email me (brettw105 [AT] with a brief description of your industry connection, and I will send you further guidelines and a list of games currently available. Here are the basics:
I'm looking for personal stories from industry folks about specific SNES games. By industry folks, I have a loose definition meaning reviewers, authors, programmers, retailers, convention exhibitors, YouTubers (1,000 or more subscribers), etc. 200-350 words per story.
No compensation is involved, but your story or stories with your bio will appear in the forthcoming volume, which will be a large, hardcover, full-color coffee table book. I'm not looking traditional for reviews (though some review content is fine); rather, I'm wanting stories with a personal slant: memories playing the game with friends, memories purchasing the game, memories beating the game, getting the game for Christmas, how a game helped you get through a difficult time, special hate for a game, etc. Another good thing to include is work experience related to a game, and some production history (though these things aren't required). The more insider info, the better, and if you can take readers back to the ’90s, that would be great. THANKS!

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