Sunday, December 3, 2017

SNES Omnibus Update - What Industry Insiders are Saying

A few industry insiders have had an advance look at my forthcoming book, The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. (A-M). Here's what they've had to say, and down below you can check out just a few of the more than 2,000 images that will be in the book. You can pre-order the The SNES Omnibus Vol. 1 WITH FREE BONUSES by clicking HERE.

* “This book is not only a reference volume, but it keeps alive the spirit of Nintendo's legacy.” - Walter Day, industry icon and founder of Twin Galaxies.

* "I read the whole thing and loved it! My favorite chapters were the more intimate ones, where the contributing writers talked about how the games affected them from a personal standpoint...I kept turning the pages looking to connect with the writers, and it happened a lot...The quotes and factoids are great...Grammatically, it's spotless...There's a plethora of balance, knowledge, and fun here...This is the best book Weiss has written so far." – Patrick Hickey, Jr., author of The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews With Cult and Classic Video Game Developers

* “This book has a great collection of game-related stories that really take me back to the ’90s, when I had so much fun playing the heck out of the Super Nintendo.” - Steve Woita, game designer/programmer of Atari 2600 TazGarfieldAsterix and Quadrun.

* “Each one of Brett's books is painstakingly researched, very well written and extremely polished. This Super Nintendo book is no exception and should definitely find a place in the library of every retro-gaming enthusiast.” - Dr. Roberto Dillon, author of The Golden Age of Video Games and Ready: A Commodore 64 Retrospective.

* “Brett Weiss has captured an essential part of what made the SNES indelible and one of the classic video game systems. The personal stories and memories wrapped up in each game are a welcome time warp back to those halcyon days." - Tim Lapetino, author of Art of Atari.

* “Brett Weiss proves again that he is the master of game directories” - Leonard Herman, author of Phoenix IV: The History of the Videogame Industry.

* “Weiss puts a heartwarming and personal spin on all that is still great with the Super Nintendo.”  - Michael Thomasson, author of Downright Bizarre Games: Video Games that Crossed the Line!

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