Sunday, February 25, 2024

My Last Intellivision Amico YouTube Video? Your comments!

 I’ve uploaded a new video on the Intellivision Amico and how I just don’t care that much about it anymore. You can watch it HERE. I got some great comments on the vid, which you can read below. Thanks to everyone for weighing in on such a fascinating topic!


Couldn't care less about the Amico at this point, and Tommy's probably going to prison in the end, but the one thing that really pisses me off about the whole ordeal is the limbo that Earthworm Jim 4 now finds itself in. I was genuinely looking forward to a new Earthworm Jim game hearkening back to the franchise's actual 2D roots with so many of the original devs attached to the project. I can only hope that somehow the game finds a new publisher, though if what I've heard is true, the game never actually saw any substantial development to begin with (comparable to much of what was promised regarding all things Amico), so there's probably no real loss there when all is said and done.


The thing about Rigid Force Redux is that it already exists on Android and iOS. No crappy Amico middleware required, and its a pretty fun R-Type clone. I probably paid three bucks. Why would I want to re-buy it for $15?


I also had one pre-ordered YEARS ago and have canceled it. I couldn’t care less about Amico Home; I wanted an actual console that hooks up to our TV. Mobile games are already oversaturated, so I certainly have no interest in them. The new Atari products are AWESOME (I own both the 2600+ and the Game Station Pro) and it’s a shame that Intellivision didn’t follow this path.


To me, the system concept seem very cumbersome. The Evel Knievel game seem cool, but the cost was too high. This was not well planned-out system.


Good video! I was excited about the Amico at first, but I thought Tommy was full of it pretty earlier on, and when he started attacking Nintendo it was over for me.


Just a dumpster fire all around. I think even if it did come out it would have been doomed based on the price alone. Yes, older gamers and people into retro would buy it, but put it next to a switch for $300, and no one is going to buy it over a Switch.


Totally understand Brett, but I'm sure most of us Supporters still like you and will welcome you back when you're ready.

The console was always just an Android based hub for the controllers, really nothing more, and it also turned into a nightmare to produce for a small company. Having said that, we never needed it anyway, Brett. There are many, better Android boxes in MILLIONS of homes right now that the controllers will play on as a console. Many are dirt cheap, too.

Amico will actually be a much better product now IMO.

I know you want a proprietary console, but an nVidia Sheild is more than capable, and it will be the future of console gaming for the Non-Big Three. When this works out for Intellivision, look for Sega, Neo Geo, Atari, etc, to come out with "consoles" of their own on it.


I feel like they should have gone the pure retro route. Make a console that's JUST for retro games, not these low-end 3D games that look like mid 90s Mac games. That visual style is so unappealing. Give us pure retro gaming with a normal controller, not a gimmicky one. It could have been a $50 console. Do achievements, online co-op/versus, leaderboards, etc. Something like that would have been great.

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