Thursday, July 4, 2024

Metal Jesus Rocks & Kelsey Lewin are Annoyed with Retro Gaming Stores

Recently, popular YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks and Pink Gorilla store owner Kelsey Lewin released a video highlighting some of the most frustrating practices in retro gaming stores. Inspired by their discussion, I decided to create a response video to share one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to shopping for vintage video games.

In their video, Metal Jesus Rocks and Kelsey covered a lot of ground, mentioning how frustrating it is when stores don't mark reproduction cartridges as such or fail to price their games. These issues can make it hard to trust a store and leave customers feeling annoyed. Their video really got me thinking about my own experiences and what bothers me the most when I'm game chasing.

Without giving too much away here, I can say that it's something that some of you have probably encountered and found equally frustrating. It's a practice that can ruin the shopping experience and make you want to turn around and leave immediately.

This particular annoyance is something that not only affects the way we shop but also speaks to a larger issue within the retro gaming community. It's a problem that reflects a lack of consideration for the customers who keep these stores in business. By addressing this issue, and by highlighting MJR’s video, I hope to encourage store owners to improve their practices and create a more welcoming environment for all of us who love hunting for classic games.

I won't spoil the surprise here because I want you to watch the video to find out what it is. I think you'll find it relatable, and hopefully, it will spark some positive changes in how retro game stores operate. There are awesome retrogaming stores all around the country, but some could use a few pointers.


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