Friday, September 12, 2008

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Comics Buyer's Guide #1647, where I review I Kill Giants #1, Trinity #1-9, and Amazing Spider-Man #565.

Here's my Spider-Man review:

Amazing Spider-Man #565
Marvel Comics
$2.99, color, 32 pgs., available now
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Phil Jimenez
Grade: 3 Stars (out of 4)

The “Brand New Day” cover banner has finally disappeared, making way for the new Kraven, who is dead set on making Spidey’s life a living (make that dying) hell. Unlike the original Kraven, who was a mustachioed brunette wearing a loin cloth with accompanying lion’s mane, the new Kraven is a bleach blond punk chick (!) whose dark, organic looking costume appears as though it were designed by H.R. Geiger.

The female Kraven is a skilled tracker, spying on Spider-Man as he teams with Daredevil (against Fracture) and then returns to his apartment, the latter providing Kraven with the clues needed to uncover Spidey’s secret identity. A super-villain ruining a super-hero’s life on all fronts is hardly a fresh concept, but the setup, enabled substantially by Phil Jimenez’ detailed renderings, is strong enough to warrant a look at the next issue.

Two niggling points: Peter Parker claims he doesn’t read comics (conflicting with previous continuity), and his spider-sense doesn’t warn him of Kraven hiding in the elevator.