Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Reality of Today's Economy - Free Online Content & the Donate Button

I never really thought I would do this, but I've added a donation button to my website (you'll find it up and to the right).

The reason is because I spend more time than I used to posting free online content, articles, videos and the like, which takes up time I could be spending on paying work. Also, it's simply a reality of today's dotcom economy--respected writers, authors, musicians, artists and other content creators get paid for their time and creativity in part by generous fans who like what they watch, hear, and read.

Feel free to continue reading my blog and watching my videos free of charge, guilt free (the key word here is apparently free), but if you've got some extra cash in your PayPal account or some wiggle room on your credit card, and you enjoy my articles and videos, it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if you could donate a few bucks.

Whether you kick in some cash or not, thanks for watching and reading!


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

My friend Greg pointed me to this post due to a discussion we recently had, and you're right: it's only fair for people to get supported at least some for their work. I do a lot with reviews of games, coverage of fun retro memories, and other things that require powerful computers and set-ups, and I'm happy doing most of it for free too, but then again if someone wants to chip in a few dollars and help support upgrades and all, I'm all for that as well :)