Monday, June 6, 2016

Dallas Fan Expo 2016

My kids and I had a blast at Dallas Fan Expo over the weekend. We enjoyed the cosplay, met some celebs, found some bargains, hung out with friends and in general geeked out.

Brent Black, a.k.a. Brentalfloss, is essentially the "Weird Al Yankovic" of video games. Very talented and clever. He's also super nice and great to talk to. We are both contributing writers to Pat Contri's NES book. If you've never seen Brent's videos, check out The Bioshock Song--it's my favorite:

Since my KISS encyclopedia was just published, I had to get my pic made with this Paul Stanley cosplayer.

If you've watched my podcast, you know I have some hot sports opinions on The Chewbacca Mom. My kids were excited to meet her at Fan Expo. She seems like a really nice, really down-to-earth lady, despite her new-found fame. 

My kids had their 15 seconds of fame on the 10:00 news.

On Saturday, Ryan and I went to Candice Patton's panel. She plays Iris West in The Flash. She was a terrific panelist and very friendly. Check out the panel HERE.

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