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Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library - by Pat Contri - With Contributions from Brett Weiss

YouTube superstar Pat Contri, a.k.a. , has a video about his soon-to-be-published book, which I contributed to. I wrote more than 60 of the 750+ game reviews. Further, I wrote 60+ reflections on the games featuring anecdotes, memories, and the like. So, obviously, I'm pretty excited about this project, and I consider it an honor that he asked me to be involved.

What is this book about?

Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library 1985-1995 is an expansive and thorough look at one of the greatest video game libraries of all time - the . This 450 page book covers all licensed and unlicensed games released during the system's lifespan, and features information and reviews on hundreds of classic (and not so classic) 8-bit games.

The "just about final" book cover!
The 30th Anniversary of the just passed on Oct. 18, and the NES is still played and remembered fondly today. Why? It might just be because the NES helped save the video game console market in North America. But more importantly, it’s beloved for its great and diverse library of games. Super Mario Bros.TetrisCastlevania,Punch-OutMega ManDuck HuntThe Legend of ZeldaNinja GaidenTecmo Bowl -- what do they all have in common? They were all great games released on a single system. And many great game franchises still around today, had their start way back on the NES! The had nearly 800 unique game cartridges released for it during its lifetime. While almost every video game fan has played or at least heard of the more famous titles, there were many, many games that weren’t as popular or well-known. This book features all of them, with detailed information such as the release date, developer, publisher, genre, availability, and more, as well as a review and rating for each title. There's also a separate "Reflections" section for each game where the author of that review can expound upon the game more, comment on interesting aspects of the game, or even go off on a tangent about video game history, or muse about childhood memories or a humorous anecdote the game may have conjured up.

(the text looks blurry on the screen, but it will be crystal clear in the book)

Sample page layout - most contain two games per page.

Both licensed and unlicensed titles are covered!

The entire library of NES games is covered!

About the reviewers

Pat Contri is a retro video game aficionado and collector who also produces various web shows including Pat the NES PunkThe Video Game YearsFlea Market Madness, and more. He also is on the Completely Unnecessary Podcast, runs, and is a guest at several video game conventions each year. Besides editing/compiling the book and designing the layout, he is responsible for the majority of the book’s reviews, clocking in at nearly 450.
Ian Ferguson spends way too much time researching games instead of sleeping and is the general manager of Luna Video Games. He is also well-versed in pinball, synthesizers, and the Peanuts comic strip. He currently resides in San Diego with his wife Vani and their cat Spike and eats all of the breakfast cereal as they sleep.
Asheton Phinney, AKA "Ashi," is an interstellar bounty hunter, a princess-rescuing plumber, a whip-wielding vampire slayer, a writer residing in Delaware, a brave blue robot, a bubble-blowing dragon,a cute pink gourmand, a summa cum laude graduate of Dickinson College, and a sword-swinging, boomerang-flinging, studio art-majoring, creative writing-minoring hero with a lot of heart(s).
Jim Evans is a self confessed know-it-all when it comes to 8 and 16-bit gaming. With a strange fondness of playing rubbish video games for the fun of it, there is no stoop too low he won't go to for entertainment. Find more of him at
Brett Weiss is the author of the “” series, and of The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987. A gamer since 1974, Weiss has had articles published in Game Informer, Classic Gamer Magazine, Retro magazine, Video Game Collector, and Video Game Trader. Find Brett at
Karen Niemla grew up in Pennsylvania and enjoys vintage computers, retro gaming, drawing, and writing. Currently she is a reference librarian at The University of Louisiana at Monroe and Web Administrator for the Association of College & Research Libraries Louisiana Chapter.
Joey “Roo” DeSena co-founded the geek-centric website, Clan of the Gray Wolf, in 2009. He has two flagship web series: 16-Bit Gems – spotlighting under-appreciated video games from the 90s – and The Way Games Work – explaining video game technology to the layman. Additionally, he has produced original content for Vsauce3 and RetrowareTV.
Joe Pingree is a thirty-something college student in Detroit. A lifelong NES fan, he has spent nearly three years building a sizable collection of boxed and loose game cartridges, his favorite of which is Mega Man 2. He enjoys reading, writing, and retro gaming on a variety of platforms.
Stephen Wilds is a writer in the dirty South. A recovering internet addict and freelancer, he wakes up every morning grappling with nightmares of Silent Hill and Battletoads that fuel his fiction and desire to create, when comics and wrestling aren’t taking up his spare writing time. Find him on the Twitter machine: @StephenWilds.

Book Sections

Foreword: graciously written by Blake Harris, author of the hit video game history/drama book !
  • 750+ North American game reviews and reflections  
  • 30+ PAL exclusive reviews 
  • 10 HES exclusive reviews 
  • Test cart overview 
  • Promo/special game carts 
  • North American game cart variants 
  • Popular NES controllers and accessories 
  • Supplemental Articles

A page from the PAL review section.

A page from the cart variant section.

A page from the controllers/peripherals section.

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