Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The reviews are in!

Here's what the critics are saying about Classic Home Video Games 1972-1984:

"a labor of love...comprehensive..recommended"--Library Journal

"Brett Weiss knows his video games and this book is a must have for all fans"--Bart Bush (former editor of Larry Bieza's Pinball Price Guide)

"Quality writing...accessible reviews of every game released for popular and obscure game systems"--Retro Thing

"This is a GREAT book!" --Rick Kelsey (columnist for Toy Shop magazine)

"A great-looking new book"--classicgaming.gamespy.com

It's not too late to put in an order for the book in time for Christmas. Email me at brettw105 AT sbcglobal.net if you are interested in obtaining a signed copy (with free priority mail shipping).


J@mbA said...

Is that ASTROSMASH on the cover of your book!!! That is 100% PURE AWESOME!

Brett said...

It's actually Space Invaders, but the book certainly covers Astrosmash (as well as the Atari 2600 version, which is called Astroblast).