Saturday, June 28, 2008

Classic Game Fest 2008!

My wife has mentioned more than once that she'd love to live in Austin, or at least be able to visit there more often. I'm not sure I'd want to live there (I still like me some Dallas/Fort Worth), but I certainly enjoy making the trip to the captial city. One of the many reasons is Game Over Videogames, which just issued the following press release:

Classic Game Fest '08!

Austin, TX – June 23: Game Over Videogames, Inc., an Austin-based corporation that specializes in the buying and selling of classic and used videogames, announced today that it is launching a new and unique summer festival designed to celebrate classic videogames. This new gaming festival, Classic Game Fest, will begin in Austin this summer on July 11th, and it will continue with new shows and events every other Friday night until August 22nd.

While Game Over Videogames currently has two Austin area locations, the events will all be staged at the Game Over Videogames store at the corner of Hwy 183 @ Lamar Blvd in north Austin, TX. Each night will include classic videogame tournaments on a large, 16 x 9 foot outdoor screen provided by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. Best of all, these events are completely FREE and open to all videogame fans and players young and old, so bring the whole family for some late night fun. Come to watch, to compete for cool gaming prizes, and to enjoy the cooler nighttime temperatures this summer at Game Over Videogames.

The game tournaments will start at sundown (approximately 8:30pm) and run until 10:30pm. Following each game tournament will be a special screening of a videogame-related movie fitting the theme for the night. The movies will immediately follow the tournaments and run until around midnight. Specific movie titles are kept top secret until the night of the show; however, clues will be hidden in each night’s detailed description. See if you can guess the secret movies!

The show dates and events are listed below:

July 11 – “Shall We Play a Game? – Combat Tournament (Atari 2600)”

July 25 – “Tetris Wizard – Tetris Tournament (Nintendo NES)”

August 8 – “Street Fighter Night – Street Fighter II Tournament (Super Nintendo SNES)”

August 22 – “King of Kart – Mario Kart Tournament (Nintendo 64)”

The entire festival will be completely FREE of charge, and it will take place at the Game Over Videogames store at Hwy 183 @ Lamar Blvd in north Austin, TX. The store will be open during the festival for your late night shopping pleasure. Since this is a family friendly event, please take note of the following restrictions:

Items allowed: Folding lawn chairs, non-alcoholic drinks, picnic baskets, food, mad gaming skills

Items forbidden: No weapons, no drugs, no alcohol, no glass containers, no smoking (outside designated areas)

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See-Dub said...

I'm in! How 'bout July 25 or Aug. 22? Or both? ;)