Thursday, July 23, 2009

Freelance Writing Opportunity for Gamers

Digital Press is looking for non-fiction video game stories for a new book.

Here is the information from Rob Strangman:

One of the most popular parts of the various Digital Press Guides is the LORE section. And one question that's been asked over the years is "will there ever be a book consisting solely of LORE stories?" Until now, though, there has not been a concrete answer.Today, I'm happy to announce that the answer is in fact yes. Joe and I have been discussing the particulars, and we're ready to start taking submissions.

This is where you come in. Anyone interested in contributing a story to be published in the book feel free to submit it to with the subject heading "DP LORE Book Entry". The deadline for all submissions is September 20, 2009. There is no scheduled release date yet, but you can expect that to be announced in the near future.

Here are some basic rules: You write up a non-fictional account of some gaming moment, memory, event, or recollection, then send it to me. This post should be in essay form (we will help with the editing) and most importantly should be as ENTERTAINING as possible. It doesn't necessarily have to be funny - but intrigue makes for good reading, and good reading increases the chance that you'll be published.

Your story can be as long as you'd like but in the past we've always preferred stories that take up less than a full page in 10pt text. Grammar, spelling, editing all count but we will assist. It just gets you points if the thing is written well because that means it reads well right out of the gate. We ask that your story be truthful. You can embellish, of course, but wildly unbelieveable stories are usually cast aside.

I'm looking forward to reading what you send in! Good luck!

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