Friday, April 11, 2014

KISS -- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Yesterday's induction of KISS into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reminds me of how cool my parents are/were.

When I was a kid, my mom, who kept an immaculate household, let me plaster KISS posters and magazine photos all over my room.

After going to Baskin-Robbins one night, we went to a shop next door, and they bought me a KISS T-shirt (pictured in the photo). Back then, you had to pick out your T-shirt color and style, and then select an iron-on transfer for the store employee to put on the shirt. I was so excited to get the shirt and even wore it for my school photo that year.
And coolest of all, my dad would take KISS magazines to his work and make copies of the pictures so I could hand them out at school (this was fifth and sixth grade). He would also let me play "Love Gun" and "Destroyer" on the 8-track player in his Ford pickup while we were running errands in "town." I'm sure he hated the music, but he never said a word about it.

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