Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 4 -- BUBBLE BOBBLE!

If you have Netflix and you haven't watched Black Mirror, you're really missing out, especially if you enjoy dark dramas, sociological science fiction, and well-written anthologies. The show is sort of a The Twilight Zone of the modern era, but more intense and more squirm-inducing. In short, it's awesome. 

Season three of Black Mirror dropped on Netflix Oct. 21. During the fourth episode of season three (yes, I'm binge-watching it), which is called "San Junipero," there's a scene set in the arcade of a 1987 dance club. A nerdy guy walks up to a girl who is playing Bubble Bobble and gives her a little bit of history on the game. Not surprisingly, he fails in his attempt to pick her up. Check it out below, or click HERE to watch the video in full screen.

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