Sunday, October 28, 2018

SNES Omnibus Writer Spotlight #35 - Alex McCumbers

Alex McCumbers, who, like me, anxiously anticipates Vol. 2, was a supporter of the SNES Omnibus project from the get-go. His enthusiasm for the books and his excitement at the prospect of being involved as a contributing writer are infectious. When Vol. 1 shipped, he blew it up on social media, which of course helps get the word out. Since I’m not a famous YouTuber with a built-in audience, this support really is important. Thanks, Alex, for your terrific write-ups, and for your energy and passion for writing about video games. This type of vibe keeps me going when I get bogged down and feel like I can’t type another word. You rock!

Here's Alex's bio as it appears in The SNES Omnibus Vol. 1:

Alex McCumbers hails from the mountains of West Virginia. Always in the pursuit of video game academia, and fighting against all odds to be a writer, he sharpens his mind and skills with daily practice. Find him on Forever Classic (YouTube, Twitch, podcast), Marooners’ Rock and Giga Geek Magazine.

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