Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Advance Reviews! -- The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 2 (N–Z)

Sample pages should show up on Amazon soon. The book is due April 28.

“Thoroughly crafted and wonderfully organized, this may be the ultimate book series for Super Nintendo fans.” - Rob McCallum, Writer/Director “Nintendo Quest,” “Video Game Box Art”

"This lavishly illustrated, exhaustive history of the SNES told from a variety of perspectives is sure to please the most die-hard fans of this classic console." – Warren Davis, creator of Q*bert

"It's refreshing and inspiring to see a work as comprehensive as The SNES Omnibus. Any enthusiast of the age can relive dozens of hours of enjoyment simply by scanning the pages and hundreds more by digging into its impressive depths." – David Warhol, former programmer for Mattel Electronics (on the Intellivision), founder of Realtime Associates, Inc.

“A wonderful archive of compressed history. I'm still discovering new games or even games I had forgotten about every time I open this book. Some video game books have too much text and not enough photos and others are the opposite with too many photos and not enough to tell you about the game. This combines both perfectly with fun anecdotes from other members of the community. It's great! From blockbusters to hidden gems to all sports games, all games get equal love in this book, which is a wonderful thing. Brett knocks it out of the park once again.” - John Riggs, YouTube personality (Rigg’d Games)

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