Thursday, March 21, 2019

SNES Omnibus Writer Spotlight #46 - Barry Shank

Barry Shank runs the Facebook group Gamers Helping Gamers, a community of people who are passionate about video games. What sets the group apart from the pack is its mission to help members find games for one another for a “bro price,” typically 30 percent or so below market value. The only rule is that you can’t “flip” or resell the games you get at a discount—it’s about the love of the hobby.

Barry, by all accounts a devoted family man and solid citizen, also contributed some nostalgic stories my SNES Omnibus project, a two-volume set featuring every U.S. release for the beloved Super Nintendo console. Barry is all about supporting the community and having a good time. He even asked me my favorite question (I’m paraphrasing): “When buying the books, would it help you more to buy them direct from you?” Yes, it does. Thanks, Barry!

Here’s Barry’s bio from the SNES Omnibus books:

Barry Shank, who began gaming on the Atari 2600, is the founder of GHG (Gamers Helping Gamers) on Facebook. He started buying games for the Atari from the flea market in the ’80s with his dad, who refused to spend more than $3 per game. From there, he moved on to the Genesis and now has a game room that contains every console since. His current passion is working with his group to help people find the games they want at reasonable prices.

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