Saturday, February 20, 2021

New YouTube Show - Favorite Video Game of All Time with John Riggs, Adam Koralik, and Other Content Creators!


I'm super stoked to introduce a new series on YouTube where awesome content creators appear on my channel and discuss their favorite video game of all time. The first episode features some really cool YouTubers like John Riggs, Adam Koralik, and Victor Lucas (who you may know from Electric Playground). You can watch this new video HERE.

It’s been a lot of fun and super gratifying working with these folks as they are good people with interesting commentary on their respective favorite game. I’ve got another video in the series scheduled for pretty soon. It will feature YouTubers as well, including Kinsey Burke and “The Immortal” John Hancock. Moving forward, I’m going to feature other types of content creators as well, such as developers, programmers, and authors. And hey, who, knows? Maybe even some celebrities! Gonna reach out to some people and see what I can do in this regard.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy hearing from these content creators—I’m having a blast!


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