Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SNES Omnibus Contributor Spotlight #2 - John Riggs

I met John Riggs at the 2017 Portland Retro Gaming Expo, and he's just as nice in person as he is on his YouTube channel. We had only corresponded online prior to this, but it felt like he was an old friend, a tribute to his affable, approachable manner. (Pro tip--John is much taller in person than he appears to be on the YouTubes.) John, whose videos show you how to repair your video games, contributed quality stories to both volumes of The SNES Omnibus, including a hilarious anecdote about Mario Paint. John, how could you taint/paint Mario so?

Below this video, you can read John's bio as it appears in The SNES Omnibus:

John Riggs grew from being completely unknown in the gaming industry to being moderately obscure. He’s been a featured guest on the Metal Jesus Rocks YouTube channel and hosts his own humble channel (RIGG’d Games) showing tutorials on how to fix and save your old video games. Riggs loves the new games, but you can still find him digging through boxes of Famicom carts or filing through PC Engine CD games at various video game conventions. He’s a sucker for the classics.

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