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Best Word-Based Video Games


Best Word-Based Video Games

Whether you are a real logophile or if you just want to expand your vocabulary, playing word-based video games can be a great way to pass the time. Not only do many word-based video games enable you to enjoy some competitive gameplay, but they also help you to expand your language skills in the process. The list below outlines some of the most entertaining word-based video games currently on the market.

1. Torn City

 Torn City is an online role-playing game that currently has over 1.5 million players. It is a text-based game that is set in the endless murky underworld of Torn. One of the reasons that the game is so popular is due to its text-based design. The design allows players to have completely free reign and to do anything they want in the game. With a guarantee of meeting thousands of other players, Torn players are always able to interact with each other. The endless possibilities and the potential to create and develop any type of character mean that Torn quite literally can provide players with years of entertainment.

 2. Words With Friends

 Words with Friends is a fun multiplayer word game that you can play with friends or family on your mobile phone or computer. Players take turns building words in the cross-word inspired game. In a similar style to the board game Scrabble, the players have to make words from a limited selection of letters. However, unlike Scrabble, both players receive the same letters. Players can connect with their friends by looking up their user name or connecting through Facebook. Alternatively, the ‘smart match’ feature will pair you with an opponent of the same skill level. Just like Scrabble or a crossword, players that become obsessed with this game find it useful to have a WordfinderX unscrambling tool on hand.

 3. Crosswords

 Crosswords have been around for centuries and are still one of the most popular games played around the world. Crosswords are another example of a fun word-based game that you can quickly play on your phone. There are so many different crossword games to choose from. For example, mini crosswords are designed to be played quickly in about 20 minutes. Whereas themed crosswords usually take longer to complete and have a different focus for every puzzle, so they are a great way to learn more topic-specific language.

 4. Spider and Web

 Released in 1998 to rave reviews, Spider and Web is still considered one of the best text-based video games of all time. The old-school style game is completely text-based; the atmospheric and mysterious style make it hugely addictive. The game will draw you in from the very first seek, while the linear narrative progression promises to keep you gripped.

 5. Wordscapes

This is another word-based game to play on your phone when you have a moment to spare. The rounds start off easy and quickly progress to a challenging level. Each round only takes a couple of minutes to play, making it an easy and convenient little game. It has a mixture of crossword-style, word search games to choose from.

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