Friday, December 5, 2014

R.I.P. The All Game Guide

I'm sad to announce that The All Game Guide is going away. Freelancing for AGG was my first full-time writing gig, and it enabled me to quit my job at Waldenbooks so I could work at home, happily typing away.

I worked as a writer and editor for The All Game Guide from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, cranking out hundreds of reviews and descriptions for the site. This job helped me hone my craft and opened various other doors into the video game industry. I also met some really cool people through the site (online and in person), including fellow writers Chris Cavanaugh, Chris Baker, Jonathan Sutyak, Geoff Smith, John Jackson Miller, Skyler Miller, Earl Green, and others.

Here's the message at the top of the homepage: "We're sorry to announce that after many years of celebrating the world of video games, AllGame has run out of quarters. The site will be shutting down on Friday December 12th."

Game Over. Bummer.

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A, said...

Hi Brett,

I'm really bummed about closing. I used it regularly, even during the 2000s periods where new reviews on the site seemed to be appearing a lot more sporadically. I believe large portions of the site, including your writing are available at

Found your blog just now while googling some author names. Glad you are still writing about games and items that others choose to ignore!