Sunday, February 4, 2018

SNES Omnibus Update: New York Times Best Selling Author John Jackson Miller

New York Times bestselling author John Jackson Miller has hopped on board for the second volume of my two-book SNES Omnibus project. He's written an informative essay on the turn-based strategy game, Super Conflict. Like me, John used to write for the late, lamented Comics Buyer's Guide and The All Game Guide (his specialty was the Intellivision). However, instead of laboring in relative obscurity like a certain other writer who shall remain nameless, he's now he's a big time celebrity in the field, penning highly acclaimed Star Wars and Star Trek novels. I'm super excited JJM took the time to contribute a story to my book. Here's his bio that will appear in volume 2 of The SNES Omnibus:

John Jackson Miller is a New York Times bestselling author. He has spent a lifetime immersed in science fiction. His Star Wars novels include Star Wars: A New Dawn, Kenobi, Knight Errant, and Lost Tribe of the Sith. He also wrote the Knights of the Old Republic comics, available from Marvel as Star Wars Legends: The Old Republic. For Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, he wrote the monthly Star Trek novel trilogy Prey. His most recent Star Wars work appears in Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, Star Wars: Canto Bight, and IDW’s Star Wars Adventures comics. He’s written about games for the All Game Guide and as editor of Scrye magazine, and he’s has written comics and prose for Halo, Iron Man, Simpsons, Conan, Planetof the Apes, and Mass Effect. Miller writes about comics history on his Comichron website, His fiction website is

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