Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Arcade and Other Strange Tales - Signed Copies Now Available

My new book of short stories and essays, The Arcade and Other Strange Tales, is now available. You can order a signed copy direct from me or get one on Amazon. To order direct, simply PayPal $12.95 (this includes shipping) to, and I will mail you a signed book right away. For a limited time, I will include a free digital copy (PDF) of the book with your direct order.

TheArcade and Other Strange Tales takes readers down a rabbit hole of fear, wonder and imagination. From the nostalgic "The Arcade" to the Orwellian "Filtered Future" and "What Do They Do While We Sleep?" to the deadly dark "Strange Children" and "Wormboy," this book will keep anyone with a taste for "stranger things" reading late into the night (and the next night and the next). You can read one story from the book, “Old Friend, Old Relic,” for free HERE.

Full Table of Contents for the book:


The Arcade
Filtered Future
What Do They Do While We Sleep?
Strange Children
The Creation Proclamation
I Have No TV, and I Must Watch
Washed in the Blood
Old Friend, Old Relic
The Eternal Bigot from Down the Street
The Lady Loves Dancing
A New Kind of Light

The Retro Video Game Craze                      
KISS Pinball Machines and Video Games
Video Game Movies
Retro Gaming Non-Fiction Books
Uncovering the Mystery Behind Stephen King's First Published Story
Interview with Horror Novelist Bentley Little
Interview with the Author

Paperback: 110 pages; 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

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