Monday, February 19, 2018

SNES Omnibus Contributor Spotlight #5 - Rusel DeMaria

One of the biggest thrills with writing and editing The SNES Omnibus set as been working with other authors, especially people like Rusel DeMaria, who has been at it even longer than I have. A true veteran of the industry, Rusel is an invaluable contributor to the project, writing stories and giving insights on certain key Super Nintendo titles as only he could. His reflections on creating strategy guides for various games are extremely interesting.

Here’s Rusel’s bio as it will appear in The SNES Omnibus: The SuperNintendo and Its Games, Vol. 1 (A-M):

Rusel DeMaria played Spacewar! in 1967. After this experience, he wanted more from this new medium, which he got later with Pong, Atari, ColecoVision, Intellivision and the Bally Astrocade. Rusel then discovered PC games and wrote for A+ Magazine, PC Week, Byte and Macazine, where he became the PC DOS Editor. Rusel wrote a book about shareware in the mid-1980s, and by 1990 he was senior editor for PC Magazine and a contributing editor on GamePro. Rusel founded the “Secret of the Games” strategy guide division for Prima Publishing, and he was a gaming journalist during the Genesis and SNES era. More recently, he wrote High Score Expanded and is the author of Game of X, which is about Microsoft. He’s also a game designer and consultant, currently the narrative lead on a new space combat simulator, Starfighter Inc.

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