Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters

The print version of my newest book, How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters, is now available, just in time for the first review that has popped up on Amazon. The book is available on the Kindle as well, meaning you can download it to your smart phone, computer, or tablet using the free Kindle app available in the app store. If you haven't downloaded Kindle, free of charge, to your electronic device, I highly recommend it. 

Check out the review below, written by Jeremy S.

Amazon review by Jeremy S.:

Solid, practical advice from a proven, established writer. In this quick, easy-to-read volume, Brett Weiss provides a treasure trove of tips, strategies, and daily habits for freelance writers to excel at their craft. The examples of his query letters are extremely helpful in showing hopeful writers how to go about making the connections they need in order to obtain paying publication opportunities. Weiss's sharing of his own journey of building his career is encouraging and insightful in and of itself. Weiss makes the "writing life" seem fun, rewarding, and attainable. This is an invaluable resource for prospective writers. Highly recommended!

Amazon Description of the Book:

More than a decade in the making, How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters is by Brett Weiss, who has authored seven books and has had hundreds of articles published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. A full-time freelancer, Weiss has been prolific on the web as well, writing for numerous markets. As Weiss will show you in this book, hard-working writers should get published frequently, and one of the most important aspects of this is to learn to craft a well-written query letter.

In addition to 50 real query letters that led to published articles and books (and in one case, a freelance writing job), How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters includes tips on writing query letters, along with articles about and advice on writing in general. Whether you’re an aspiring writer longing to get published or you’re a veteran of the wordsmith wars, you’ll benefit from the behind-the-scenes information this book has to offer.

How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters features the following:

*An introduction with tips on writing successful query letters

*50 successful query letters written by Brett Weiss, who makes his living as an author and journalist

*An essay on how Weiss “broke through” to become a successful writer

*“Anatomy of a Near Nervous Breakdown,” in which Weiss reveals how his writing career almost came to a crashing halt

*“How to Get Published,” which offers practical advice on the writing life

*“How Writing Can Supplement Your Income,” an article on how to write for publication while keeping your day job

*“Writers in Movies,” a fun feature on film versions of famous writers

*“The History of Typewriters,” in which Weiss details the origins of that most wondrous of writing tools

*An interview with James Reasoner, author of more than 300 books

*An interview with Brett Weiss, conducted by Chris Cavanaugh of Classic Gamer Magazine

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